Innovative Clearwater Weight Loss Clinic Announces Its Grand Opening

Pinellas Med Clinic, a Clearwater, FL-based weight loss treatment center, has just announced that they are now open for business and accepting new clients. Residents in this West Tampa area can now get weight loss help from this clinic by taking advantage of its innovative medical weight loss therapy. A therapy that includes the use of a newly developed protein solution that is simple to administer and for many has shown fast and promising results.

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A representative of this unique weight loss clinic says, “For many years now health and wellness authorities have acknowledged that the best way to achieve weight loss is for a person to reduce their daily intake of calories. Many people find this extremely difficult to do without the aid of medicines or surgery. This also does not take into consideration metabolic problems or initiating lifestyle changes that are just not possible for some. That’s why we have obtained an impactful weight loss therapy that is non-invasive to one’s body and does not pose other substantial health risks.”

According to the clinic’s representative, several factors are leading to overweight conditions for many in America. The first is that more people than ever are leading a more sedentary lifestyle and, in turn, not getting the proper amount of exercise that they need. Much of this is due to people spending more time on computers and smart devices and many services such as food and grocery deliveries now eliminate the need for people to leave their homes to get their basic needs. The recent pandemic was also a big contributor to weight gain as people were more hesitant to venture outdoors. Other big contributors to weight gain he mentioned were people eating unusually large size portions and eating more processed foods. It was noted by him that the amount of food that the human body easily takes in is about the size of a person’s fist and most people eat at least two times that amount when having a meal at home and especially when going out to eat. That had led some researchers to believe that over 35% of the adult population in America is overweight.

The representative of this weight loss clinic in Clearwater, FL went on to describe their innovative weight reduction therapy. He said it was developed through a new program that was undertaken by trusted medical doctors. They developed a formula that they call GPL-1. This formula consists of very similar proteins (94% match) to those found naturally occurring in the human body; the proteins that are released when someone eats a meal. Research on this protein has led many to believe that when these newly created proteins are administered, it elevates the overall level of proteins in the body, and this helps make people feel fuller and as a result, eat smaller portions. This non-invasive way to help people who are overweight cut calories is even completely FDA-approved. It’s also thought to slow down the digestive process which will most likely help someone feel fuller for a longer period. He mentioned that Pinellas Med Clinic is the first in the Clearwater area to offer this newer and safer type of weight loss therapy.

Pinellas Med Clinic’s representative continued by saying that the formula is only administered by specially trained medical personnel. Once the GLP-1 therapy starts to take place, these same specially trained medical personnel will also play an important role in the monitoring of weight loss results. Progress is monitored over several weeks and the dosage will be slightly increased until the ideal protein level for a patient has been determined. After that, the patient will be scheduled for routine treatments which are very short. The medical staff will also look for side effects which very few patients ever report happening. The most often cited problems associated with GLP-1 therapy are minor digestive issues that resolve themselves quickly. As a bonus, some patients undergoing this innovative weight loss therapy even claim to have an increase in daily energy.

The representative stated that those in the Clearwater, Florida area that would like more information on this unique weight loss therapy can call Pinellas Med Clinic or visit its website which is located on the world wide web at

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