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    Our clinic is a supportive, judgement free, fun place to visit. We love regular visits and updates so we can celebrate your success on your wellness and weight loss journey!


    Our Therapy dog Moose is delighted to greet you as you arrive. He is a five year old Havanese who is hypo- allergenic. Moose cannot wait to meet you!!

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    We have no supply chain issues so we are ready to fill your script.


    The clinic staff are uniquely all on our own weight loss journeys so we can all relate to challenges & offer support & guidance.

Atmosphere is relaxed, come and stay a while or we can have you in and out if your schedule is tight. Patients are supportive of each other and can offer tips and ideas on our common goal of wellness.

We are understanding of the hormonal challenges women face in perimenopause or menopause. If diet and exercise are no longer effective to lose weight… WE CAN HELP!



• Schedule an appointment to see the Doctor to obtain a script.

• Free first dose of medication same day.

• Our clinic will text you to ask how you are feeling and see if we can help with ideas for you.

• You will notice the Semaglutide effects within 24-48 hours.

• You will know it is working for you.

• Day 5 of 6 the effects will usually lessen on the lowest dose which is normal.

• One week (7 days later) you return to the clinic as a walk-in between 11 AM -7 PM Tuesday -Friday and 10 AM -4 PM Saturdays.

• Second week you decide which package of medication suits you best from $83 per week up to $125 per week.

• Choose to visit each week or take home up to 4 doses to self administer.

• Return to clinic when you are ready for more meds as a walk-in.

• Keep in touch via text or calls with progress, updates, challenges or just to say "Hello!" We are here to support you on your weight loss journey!



• Schedule a FREE 15 minutes personal demo.

• Before your demo, avoid alcohol and caffeine for at least 3 hours, drink 16 oz of plain water 1 hour before demo, freshly showered with no lotions, gels or perfumes on treatment area, wear comfy clothes.

• We will take measurements, weigh you, test your body composition & before photos for your file only.

• Demo Treatment time is 15 mins, followed by 10 mins on Vibration platform. Total appointment is 45 mins to 1 hour, for initial demo, after treatment measurements are taken again.

• If you want to book additional treatments they are sold in package of 6 or 12 sessions depending on which treatment you choose.

• Note: Cellulite removal has a peptide oil massage and lymphatic drainage additional to the treatment.

• We look forward to seeing the transformation of your stubborn areas that are more resistant to diet + exercise.